When ASUU strikes!!! ...

When Asuu strikes!
Academic staff union of universities called off the strike. And so what? the question is have they been given what they are fighting for which made them go into strike in the first instance or is it that it was just called off in order to lay ambush for the next President to come on bord?. The strike as we know does not necessarily factor in the interest of the young which they said shall grow. The fact is most academic leaders who are at the fore front of union are actually politicians themselves, so when Asuu strikes, who takes the blow?
The Students! When our young ones who suppose to take the lead tomorrow grow up in a very harsh economic condition, and lawless societies, the result is an irresistible stunted growth of the youths. AS we know, there is no nation that can grow without the youths. The strength, the intellect, the mental capability, the team, and the numbers of these youths are vital the development of any nation. And so when these grow up in a lawless and corrupt country, one will expect nothing other than youth being corrupt and lawless. Let us shun bad leadership. Let us shun corruption, let us shun tribalism, let us shun selfishness, let us shun personal ego, let us shun competition with one another. I put this in paper especially for leaders in any level. Whatever we do as a leader will be emulated by those who love us and who follow us. So we’ve got to change our reasoning and imbibe a way of life that does not seek personal glory but patriotic enough to stand up not for a tribe, but for Nigeria. we hereby Advice the union to device other means of handling a Government who often forget national duty and the welfare of the masses. Let us build our great nation. We can do that with prayer followed by the power of positive thinking and loving constructive dialogues. if these doesnt still yield any result, we should therefore start focusing on how we elect the next leaders who will be sound enough to understand what and where the shoe is paining Nigeria. This should get us thinking. When Asuu strikes, who pay the bills? The youths! Let each citizen therefore do their best to move this Nation forward by the way we think and live our respective lives.

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Created: February 8, 2019

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