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Public Insight: What you should Know about BailOutNigeria

Public Insight: What you should Know about BailOutNigeria

Sponsored by Bailout Nigeria , November 09, 2018

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The story

Dear Amiable Bailout users, 

We are highly grateful for all the patience and works you have been doing with us since the inception of this great community. we want to assure you that all of your responses are helping build up confidence in our initiative and in extension contributing to the development of our sinking nation Nigeria. 

At this junction, we want to use this opportunity to carry every one along as we progress towards achieving our millennial goals. 

We have seen that those who lead the Nation do so primarily on personal interest bases leading us to remain in economic sinkhole on a yearly bases.

Although, BailoutNigeria is a non governmental organization, we are not politically positive and neither do we prefer one party to others. we do not profess to fight terrorism or advocate for a specific cause. we are neither a charity organization or non for profit establishment. BailOutNigeria is a Non Governmental Public organization is a network of  free willing Nigerians coming together to form a community that responds to the problems facing Nigerians economically and social-wise on a personal and National level. We use all noble means to generate all resources needed to champion personal and national cause.

It is the aim of this initiative to turn things around for the better by starting from the root attending to the basic needs of each individual and in turn the major population of all Nigerian citizens.

As a nation we face major problems:

1. high level of illitracy; This is really a major case because it affects the skills with which we can do work effectively like the other developed nations.

2. Low capital: Every now and then, we feel the effect of inadequate capital. capital is what one needs to carry out production in any economy such as machines, equipment, and other factors of production thus leading the entire nation into a very low productivity. Low productivity leads to unemployment and no job.

3. Multiethnicity: This is another major hit on our heads, this undoubtedly leads to tribalism, ethnicity, racism, and nationalism. this is what directly effects the way our current leaders are running the system, Governance primarily based on tribalistic approach rather than one nation.. this influence the way funds are being allocated and how projects and contracts are being awarded.

IT is because of these 3 major reasons for this creation of this initiative: to restore learning culture to the masses, helping them to get the best of information that will help boost peoples skills and literacy level( Our Public Insight Posts).

Second, we want to expand this community (Bailoutnigeria) to a level where it can directly fund personal projects for individual citizens of Nigeria, help raise capital for start ups, help create enabling environments for entrepreneurs to thrive, help raise funds for any member of this initiative who seek to contribute to the developments of the key sectors of the economy such as Agriculture, Health, Pharmaceuticals, Recreation, Education, Technology, Social integration and the likes. Most Posts relating to these are captured under the title: Public Review.

Third, the Opinion Poll posts are designed to collect information regarding  issues that beg for the responses from Nigerians. It can be  used in such a way as to promote products or services, review ideology or major development in the country and to get Nigerians  involve in issues that affect them the most.

we hope to keep up the good work which we cannot achieve without your sincere efforts having in mind that the power of this great community lies in the number of the total members in this organization making such decisions, the bigger we are, the more credible will we be and the more work we can get done in such time. We encourage you (by restructuring how we work) to not only enjoy this initiative alone but to also tell others and get them become part of this whole thing by registering as many as you can (You will have to register a minimum of 10 freely with your Sponsorship code). You will be highly rewarded financially  (Through our BLS scheme) as you do so and you will not only be enhancing your personal finance alone but that of the entire nation.

Thank you for taking the time to get along with us.

The BailOut Team.

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