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Empowering Nigeria widows

Empowering Nigeria widows

Sponsored by Bailout Nigeria , July 31, 2018

Category: Workshop
Target Amount: NGN1000000.00
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The story

Support widow's rights, equality, and dignity. When a Nigerian woman loses her spouse, she also risks losing her source of income, shelter, and stability. Women rarely receive much education and are marginalized in Nigerian society. Traditional beliefs and practice often place blame on the woman for her husband's death, and she may have to endure traumatic rituals of mourning, which can be extremely isolating. After her husband's passing, his family will probably take control of the inheritance, leaving his widowed wife without a place to live or a source of income. I am conducting research on the experience of widows in Nigerian culture. I am a PhD student studying participatory communication and action research... that means the research I conduct includes an action component. $3000 will support my travel to Nigeria and several weeks on the ground, gathering important information necessary to program development for a widow empowerment business co-op. I am working with the Gweimen Center in Kaduna. You can support the work they are already doing here: http://www.gweimencentre.org/ Your $5 donation gets me 10 miles closer to Nigeria and our goal of expanding the work of Gweimen Center through a program that involves the widows at every step

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