About Us

Bailout Nigeria empowers Individuals, Start-ups, communities, Companies for the development of the nation.

We Provide Jobs, fund projects and creates network that enhance fast development of the Nation. It's simple. We pay you to review new posts about projects involving categories such as Food/Clothing/Shelter, Education funds, Community projects, Business/Startup bailouts, before they are actually awarded. After review you must click on either support or reject or pause to get paid for that post. Your review will help us to justify whether to fund such post or not. You can also sponsor or post a personal or community projects on our platform for review.

How it works


To create your profile simply get a sponsorship code from an existing member and get a ticket to the community by paying N2,000 for entry. Select your level of education and verify your account by clicking on the email sent to the email address you provided.


There are 3 major work categories available on Bailoutnigera community. You can work by reviewing projects and contracts which are always available and earn depending on your level of education. The least of the qualificatin earn NGN20 per review work done, while the highest earn NGN1,000 per review work done. You can do as many reviews as possible. Reviewing takes between 2 to 3 minutes. You can also work as Human resource or a Project manager.


BiloutNigeria's secure payment system means you will never have to worry about late payments. Your online account is being credited at the instant each work is being done and your local bank account will be credited withing 48 hours of withdrawal.