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You raise the project awareness

You raise an issue around you on living expenses, education, scholarship, community, business start-ups, corporate business expansion, health care, workshop and leadership program

It get reviewed

People review and react to the issues, based on their view on the project, you get notify as they review and rate the project. We analyse and evaluate their reviews, based on their opinion.

We raise the fund

Based on peoples opinion and review, we open the project for funding all over the nation before the end of the stipulated time frame, and in addition we add to the funding if not completed based on the availability of fund at the time.

How to work with Bailoutnigeria


To create your profile simply get a sponsorship code from an existing member and get a ticket to the community by paying N2,000 for entry. Select your level of education and verify your account by clicking on the email sent to the email address you provided.


There are 3 major work categories available on Bailoutnigera community. You can work by reviewing projects and contracts which are always available and earn depending on your level of education. The highest earn NGN1,000 per review ,


BiloutNigeria's secure payment system means you will never have to worry about late payments. Your online account is being credited at the instant each work is being done and your local bank account will be credited withing 48 hours of withdrawal.

Review and React
Chronicles of Charles Ponzi
Business startup

Chronicles of Charles Ponzi

Sponsored by Bailout Nigeria , January 16, 2019

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Education! Education!! Education!!!
Education Scholarshi

Education! Education!! Education!!!

Sponsored by Bailout Nigeria , January 12, 2019

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Public Insight: HOw do you see your bank card?
Living Expenses

Public Insight: HOw do you see your bank card?

Sponsored by Bailout Nigeria , January 12, 2019

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Business startup

Let's Explore Northern Nigeria

I'm embarking on the social entrepreneurship journey! The first project I'm working on is about N

by Bailout Nigeria , 2018-08-09 05:39:58

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Community Project

Let there be Light in Nigeria

Dear Friends and Family, Many of you celebrated my 50th Birthday with me two years ago. As well

by Bailout Nigeria , 2018-08-03 06:25:35

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Empowering Nigeria widows

Support widow's rights, equality, and dignity. When a Nigerian woman loses her spouse, she also r

by Bailout Nigeria , 2018-07-31 03:20:28

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Make a difference with NGN5.0

Our personal expenses, the project we award, the education we support, the business we do must all serve the standards of our life we live.

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Creating project that will change the Nation

Basic Living Stipend


Minimum withdrawal

B.L.S stands for Basic Living Stipends. It is the minimum amount to earned by every member of BailoutNigeria by virture of being a member

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People from around the world will gladly bail you out

It does not matter how wild the idea, our collective efforts will take Nigeria to the next level

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Bailout Support



BailoutNigeria offers crowd funded support to individuals, cooporate bodies, communities, statups all over Nigeria

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Thousands of bailout members recommend friends , families, organizations, communities, start-up business and individuals for BailoutNigeria everyday.

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